Strategies for Success


Strategies for Success is a four-day program designed to help women become and remain successful.  The Program takes a deep dive into effective management practices and provides strategic insight, practical takeaways, and exposure to successful CEO’s and senior executives.

Organizations are doing everything they can to provide training for women who have been promoted to management positions, often for the first time. Strategies for Success is designed to complement these efforts by providing real-world situations and a set of tools for these managers to implement in their workplace. Unlike others training programs, Strategies for Success is not only informational but also developmental.

Each attendee will have the opportunity to learn and practice specific management skills that have been identified by their managers as areas that need improvement. With this input, the participant will be required to complete a personal development plan.  Areas where the participant excels will also be identified and can be leveraged to their full potential to maximize effectiveness in workplace performance.

One of the highlights of the program is the pairing of each participant with a mentor who will support their development between sessions.

Benefits for the Participant

  • Creation of personalized development plan
  • Exposure to experts and successful women leaders
  • Safe environment to learn and practice new skills
  • Pairing with an experienced mentor
  • Immediate acquisition of new skills
  • Connecting with peers
  • Greater self-awareness

Benefits for Participant’s Employer

  • Accelerated learning
  • Employee growth & retention
  • Opportunity for supervisor involvement
  • Reduce risk associated with recent job transitions
  • Alignment of personal goals with organization’s objectives
  • Cost effective method for increasing impact

Fall Program 2016:

October 4
October 18
November 8
December 1

For more information about cost, availability and sending your women leaders through this program, please contact:

Aileen Gorman, Executive Director, The Commonwealth Institute

*Strategies for Success is a program created and offered by The Commonwealth Institute in conjunction with TechWomenBoston. The Commonwealth Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to helping business women improve their management skills and leadership potential. Since its inception in 1997 over 3000 women have benefited from TCI forums, individualized and peer mentoring programs, and topic educational seminars & workshops.  Over 300 high potential women have graduated from Strategies for Success.