For Senior Leaders

Become a TechWomenBoston mentor.

You know a lot, just from having gotten to where you are today. Whether you had a plan from day one, or you took advantage of unexpected opportunities that came your way, you worked hard – and now you are one of a special group: a highly respected leader in the tech industry.

If you are a technology leader in your company or organization and have a voice in significant decisions within your organization, TechWomenBoston wants you. Please share your wisdom and experience with women who aspire to occupy a similar chair in the future by participating in the TechWomenBoston mentorship program.

Apply to Become A Mentor

What's Involved?
  • An six-month commitment.
  • An in-person kickoff meeting to help set realistic goals and expectations for the relationship.
  • Regularly scheduled monthly meetings by phone or in person to share ideas, advice and provide guidance on career challenges, opportunities and strategies.
  • A willingness to share your professional experiences openly and honestly, including successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way.

NOTE: Mentors are not expected to find or provide employment to mentees; by participating in this TechWomenBoston program, there is no implied or stated commitment to do so.