Encouraging and Empowering Women to Succeed and Lead

TechWomenBoston is a group of accomplished women in technology committed to advancing career opportunities, and especially leadership opportunities, for women in the technology industry. We seek to equip women with the tools, knowledge, contacts and confidence they need to get ahead. In addition, TechWomenBoston seeks to partner with companies, universities and other organizations to create more opportunities for women to learn and lead. Other programs include forums and roundtables on various topics related to women’s career growth in the tech sector.

TechWomenBoston was founded by entrepreneur Linda Moraski, CEO of PeopleSERVE, a Boston-based IT staffing firm. From her vantage point, immersed in the world of IT staffing, Linda saw few women in senior leadership positions within the local tech industry, and no organized effort to help more get there.

TechWomenBoston is a vehicle for today’s technology leaders to serve as role models – to instruct and inspire the next generation of women leaders in IT – and for future women leaders to benefit from the wisdom and experience of those that blazed the trail.